Station Setup

Operating from Bruchköbel, about 20km east of Frankfurt am Main the station consists of a rather simple setup:


  • IC7400 (also known as IC-746PRO)
  • microHam DIGI KEYER II
  • Alpha 91b (that toy  is fun)
  • Computer running Linux most of the time


  • DK1RP Windom for 80/40/20/17/12/10, extended for 30m and 15m. This antenna works really great for what it is. Especially 20m and 80m. On 10m the elevation angle is way to high for decent results. The header picture of this site actually shows this very antenna.
  • Inverted-L for 160m. I really enjoy operating on the low bands and particularly  topband, even without dedicated receiving antennas.